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EduLivePro Serving
your Academic Needs for Continuous Success
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EduLivePro Serving
your Academic Needs for Continuous Success
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Meeting Your Institution's Challenges

Designed specifically to meet the needs of higher education, our software and
services help students, staff, and faculty achieve their goals.


Make The Move

Modernize your enterprise system to protect your technology investments, adapt to new challenges, and lower your costs


Automate Admissions

Eliminate manual processes and save significant staff time by enabling prospective students to apply online through a self-service portal.


Provide One-Stop Student Access

Allow students to enroll, register, and pay for courses through the portal.


Simplify Records Management

With a single system for all your data needs a single digital record for each student any department on campus can find the student information they need.


Engage Faculty

Give faculty the means to enter and update grades, and have personalized access to timely, accurate, and institution-wide information.


Manage Resources

Manage personnel, funds and processes more transparently.


Strengthen Decision-Making

Track the metrics you need to guide day-to-day operations, meet reporting requirements, and engage your organization.

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