About Edu

Edu Live Pro is an international Education Management System company, working across the globe with private and public institutions.

We provide pre-school, primary and secondary education management system to over a Million students from 151 countries, employing over 11,000 academic institutions. Through its consultancy arm, Edu Live Pro's academic solutions, instituitions continues to meet its stake holder's expectations and provide them with easy, affordable and reliable cloud-based solution.


Exceed student expectations

Edu Live Pro offers interconnected Eucation Management System designed for today’s student that provide access to registration, financial aid, and other key processes via self-service tools, accessible on any mobile device.


Exceed faculty expectations

Edu Live Pro integrated solutions connect your administrative systems with your LMS to help you store, manage, and publish course-related materials in a central repository, making it easier to manage online course content and reuse course materials.


Secure sensitive information

Our comprehensive mobile, cloud, and data security solutions—along with anytime, anywhere self-service access to information—provide reassurance that campus information is protected.

Why Edu Live Pro

Our is a Educational Management System provides a complete e-Governance framework for Institutions of Higher Education. Following are the key benefits;

It integrates all the departments of a University making it easier to monitor, track and evaluate the efficiency of each function and department, down to the smallest official.

Manages and processes large amounts of information in real-time for faster decision making.

Provides keen insights and predictive analysis for forecasting trends in Higher Education.

It is a complete Knowledge Management System.


Our Partner Institutes