Student Diversity

EduLive Pro is an international Education Management System company, working across the globe with private and public academic institutions. We provide pre-school, primary and secondary education management system to over a Million students from 151 countries.

Strengthening Academic Horizons Worldwide

EduLivePro hails over 900 partner educational institutes under its umbrella of 'Student Diversity Program', all working towards making education easy and accessible for the students in various global regions. As an EduLivePro partner, you will have an opportunity to serve as an academic and administrative partner.

Under academic partnership, you will be required to give these students a dedicated space with required resources so they can finish off their online education at your premises. This shall include, but is not limited to sharing your institutional resources with online students such as access to your library, professional assistance from your faculty members, enrolling them for a course at your institute, using your computer lab and other facility applicable. The cost of an external student studying at your institute or accessing your resources will be borne solely by EduLive Pro.

As an administrative partner, you will be receiving payments from students of our partner institutes in your region. A certain percentage of this payment, as per terms and conditions will be retained by you as your income. This will be an opportunity for you to earn extra income and excel with an education leader.

Our Partner Institutes